'W' Seal Expansion Joint

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Deevin 'W' Seal Expansion Joint Expansion Joint is a manufactured from extruded Neoprene. The material conforms to ASTM D2628 Modified. 'W' Seal is ideal for Metro Rail Track, Parking Structures, simple span structures or other structures where the movement is Medium and the openings range between 1” (inch) and 5” (inches). 'W' Seal Expansion Joint has been approved by numerous Architects, structure Designers. Currently the oldest installation of this seal is nearly 15 years old and is still in excellent condition.

To make the 'W' Seal Expansion Joint absolute watertight, the EPDM membrane use as an additional moisture barrier which confirm to conform to ASTM 2240 & ASTM-G53 & 84 with the assistance of a highly experienced and qualified engineers, developed a new type of seal which eliminated many disadvantages of the other types of seal. The 'W' Seal utilizes a classical "arch" shape. The design of the 'W' Seal is less complex; the 'W' Seal will not tend to harden over time.

'W' Seal Expansion Joint

Deevin's-TechStar adhesive remains bonded and can pull the seal open. The bond does not degenerate with age. After many years, the first installation of the 'W' Seal is still bonded and remains watertight. The arch configuration also assists in expelling debris from the joint, and the joint looks extremely clean for this length of service.

The 'W' Seal has been field tested by several key State Departments of Transportation, including Florida, Nevada, Arkansas, Illinois, Missouri, Idaho, Oregon, Connecticut, Maryland, and New Jersey. As part of the FDOT's Product Evaluation of Qualified Expansion Joints for Bridges, the W300 was installed on Interstate 95 near Port St. Lucie, Florida. The 'W' Seal outperformed all other comparable products. The following are some excerpts from the FDOT's report: "The installation of the 'W' Seal Expansion Joint was quick and simple." (2/96) The W300 is performing very well." (2/96) Based on more than two years of testing and field observation, the SRC recommends that the FDOT Product Evaluation Section place the W300 Seal on the FDOT's Qualified Products list (QPL) for bridge expansion joints and seals.