GEO Composite

Quality With Integrity

Geo-composites are usually blending of drainage (and occasionally barrier) material in a multi-layer system with a geotextile filter to avoid soil transfer to the drainage channel. The draining geosynthetics most commonly used are the Geo-composites.

We can produce 3 lac sq. mtr. per month as a wide range of
Geo-composite with customized features.

The geo-composites are produced by laminating one or two geotextiles, with filter function, on a drainage element.

The range of geo-composites is called Deevin Drainage Composite (DDC).


Deevin Drainage Composites are made from a plastic drainage core that is thermally bonded to a geotextile, on one or both sides, or to a waterproofing layer, on one side. They are capable of providing one or more main functions: filtration, drainage, separation, barrier and protection.

Principles of the functions afforded by Deevin Drainage Composites (DDC) are:

Distributes pressure
Transports water to the collector drain
Protects waterproofing from damage when trench is backfilled
Removes excess water from the soil
Prevents the collector drain from splitting up with fine soil particles