Pioneering Infrastructure Excellence with the Zuari Bridge Project in Goa

Pioneering Infrastructure Excellence with the Zuari Bridge Project in Goa


India's infrastructural developments are on an upward course, and in this journey, Deevin Seismic Solutions Pvt. Ltd. stands tall as a pivotal contributor. With unwavering commitment and expertise, Deevin Seismic Solutions has played a significant role in shaping one of India's most remarkable infrastructure projects – the New Zuari Bridge in Goa. Let's read some insights into our successful project ahead.


The Vision Takes Shape: New Zuari Bridge, Goa

Spanning across the scenic Zuari River, connecting the districts of North Goa and South Goa, the New Zuari Bridge, also known as Manohar Setu, has emerged as a symbol of innovation and progress. As part of this ambitious project, Deevin Seismic Solutions has been a key player in supplying vital components for the bridge's structural integrity and longevity.


Building a Marvel: The Technical Details

The magnificence of the New Zuari Bridge is more than its visual appeal. The bridge, constructed by Dilip Buildcon Limited, is a masterpiece of engineering excellence. With a staggering length of 640 meters, featuring a central span stretching 360 meters and end-spans of 140 meters on either side, this cable-stayed bridge ranks as the second-longest of its kind in India.

Notably, the bridge's design boasts 27-meter-wide dual carriageways and a central median of 10.7 meters, ensuring a seamless traffic flow and safety for commuters. Deevin Seismic Solutions' contributions, including specialized components such as Expansion Joints, Bridge Bearings, and GEO Products, have been instrumental in this monumental structure.


Deevin Seismic: A Beacon of Excellence

At the forefront of India's infrastructure advancement, Deevin Seismic Solutions has continually showcased its commitment to innovation and quality. Collaborating with the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) for the Zuari Bridge project is a testament to their dedication to India's infrastructural progress. They provided vital components like Expansion Joints, Bridge Bearings, and GEO Products that laid the groundwork for the bridge's robustness.

Their contributions to the Zuari Bridge include a comprehensive line-up of products such as POT cum PTFE bearing, Pin bearing, sliding bearing, Rocker roller bearing, Spherical bearing, Neoprene bearing, Strip seal, Compression seal, Elastomeric slab seal, metal sliding, Multi modular seal, and expansion joints. Additionally, precision-engineered Anchor wedges, Anchorage plates, and anchor cones for pre and post-stressing systems form a vital part of their specialized offerings for this project.

Deevin's Geo-Strap, ranging from 30 kiloNewtons to 110 KiloNewtons or customizable as per project requirements, coupled with innovative 2D & 3D Geo Composite systems, stands as a testament to their commitment to cutting-edge technology and tailored solutions.

Deevin Seismic Solutions plays a pivotal role in addressing the specialized infrastructure needs of the Zuari Bridge project. Their meticulous analysis of site conditions and project requisites allows them to recommend and implement appropriate systems, ensuring the bridge's structural integrity and long-term reliability.


Conclusion: Driving India Forward

The New Zuari Bridge is more than just a feat of engineering; it's a testament to the collective efforts of visionaries, experts, and companies like Deevin Seismic Solutions. As we move forward, Deevin Seismic continues to be a driving force, reinforcing India's infrastructure landscape and contributing significantly to the nation's growth story.


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