Choosing the Right Expansion Bearings for Your Bridge Project

Understanding the Importance of Expansion Bearings

Bridge bearings are crucial structural components installed between bridge substructures and superstructures, responsible for transferring various loads applied to the bridge, including those from earthquakes, wind, and traffic. These bearings facilitate relative movements between the superstructure and substructure, encompassing rotations and translational movements in horizontal or transverse directions.

At Deevin Seismic Systems, we specialize in manufacturing diverse seismic bearings meticulously engineered to meet varied construction demands.

Types of Bridge Bearings

1. Pot Bearings:

A bearing consisting of a metal piston supported by an unreinforced elastomer disc confined within a metal cylinder for rotational movement in the horizontal plane and vertical load transmission. Pot bearings may have sliding assemblies, allowing horizontal force transmission. They come in three types:

a. Fixed Pot Bearing

b. Free Pot Bearing

c. Guided Pot Bearing

Pot Bearings by Deevin Seismic Systems

Pot bearings from Deevin Seismic Systems are designed for versatility and durability. Our meticulously crafted Fixed, Free, and Guided Pot Bearings cater to varied needs, supporting rotational movement in the horizontal plane and vertical load transmission. With their adaptability to accommodate directional force, rotation across axes, and varying load systems, these bearings ensure structural reliability in diverse construction scenarios.

2. Elastomeric Bearings:

These bearings, made from synthetic and natural rubber elastomers, support translational and rotational movements through elastomer deformation. Elastomeric bearings can withstand large loads and prevent lateral bulging. The strength varies depending on the type of reinforcement used.

Elastomeric Bearings by Deevin Seismic Systems

Our Elastomeric Bearings, crafted from high-grade synthetic and natural rubber, stand out for their resilience and load-bearing capabilities. These bearings offer optimal support for translational and rotational movements, ensuring stability while resisting lateral bulging. Available in different reinforcement types, including steel, they cater to varying load demands, providing a cost-effective and dependable solution for diverse construction requirements.

3. Spherical Bearings:

Consisting of concave and convex steel spherical plates with a low-friction sliding interface, these bearings allow rotation via in-curve sliding. They are also combined with flat sliding elements to enable translation. Spherical bearings come in three types:

a. Fixed Spherical Bearing

b. Free Spherical Bearing

c. Guided Spherical Bearing

Spherical Bearings by Deevin Seismic Systems

Deevin Seismic Systems' Spherical Bearings are engineered to provide robust support and facilitate movements necessary for structural stability. These bearings, available in Fixed, Free, and Guided variants, leverage concave and convex steel plates with low-friction sliding interfaces, enabling rotational and directional movements in the horizontal plane. Their adaptability to bear vertical loads and transfer horizontal forces in various directions makes them a reliable choice for accommodating diverse load systems in construction projects.

Considerations for Choosing the Right Expansion Bearings


1. Bridge Design and Load Requirements:

Assess the bridge design and the expected loads it will endure to determine the type and capacity of expansion bearings required.

2. Movement and Flexibility:

Understand the anticipated movements and flexibility needed for the bridge structure to choose expansion bearings that can accommodate these requirements effectively.

3. Environmental Factors:

Consider environmental conditions, including temperature variations, seismic activities, and moisture, to select expansion bearings that can withstand these factors without compromising performance.

4. Maintenance and Durability:

Evaluate the maintenance needs and durability of expansion bearings to ensure they offer long-term reliability and minimal maintenance requirements.




Deevin Seismic Systems stands as a reliable partner in manufacturing bridge bearings of exceptional quality. Our commitment to quality and innovative engineering ensures that our bridge bearings meet stringent construction needs, providing safety and stability for various infrastructural projects.